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Are you suffering from back pain, then apply this

Updated | July 23, 2017 11:48 IST

Most of the people are the victims of back pain irrespective of age. And there are many, who have been suffering from back pain for a long time. Usually, the back pain will be seen in massively in the age group above 40. Nowadays, techies are suffering a lot of back pain. 

Due to lack of proper daily exercise, currently, everyone became the victim of back pain. Especially, the techies who sit continuously for hours are experiencing this problem. The American doctors who made a research on back pain suggesting a walk instead of using medicines for the relief.

They studied on nearly 1.5 lakh people of those whose has been suffering from back pain for the long time followed by those who suffer occasionally and those who don’t have any problem. The American doctors asked them to walk for half an hour daily without any fail.

After examining for some time, their studies proved that people who have been suffering from the back pain for a long time have got pretty good results and relieved from the pain. And they didn’t find any qualities in those who are suffering from back pain occasionally or temporarily. 

They come to the conclusion after the research that the main reason for back pain is the lack of daily exercises.

So Guys, do walk regularly not to become the victim of the back pain. The daily walk not only relieves from back pain but also makes your day wonderful with refreshing energy. Well, it also burns some calories and makes you fit and strong.


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