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five extra romantic positions which take your X-life to another level

Updated | May 21, 2017 13:03 IST

To take your romantic life to another level, you definitely try some new positions which are so sweet and enticing ones.

1.Lovers Entwined:  Boost up your oxytocin levels through entwined position on your sides for lazy intimacy during the morning. Yes, the morning sex is an energizer and you should try this entwined position through kisses, hugs, and stroke each other bodies.

2. Cupid’s Arrow:  Instead of sitting there like usual, lie on the top of him. i.e. female’ try this position by lying on their partner to enjoy the essence of romance in a new way.  Go ahead with a switched-up missionary, slide your legs down between his and rest on your elbows. This is truly an amazing feel as it depends on how tight you completely wreck up with him.

3.Lazy Cowgirl:  This is a fantastic position for those who love little more hardcore romance than the normal lovey-dovey.  Hop aboard, Go lower in reverse order, leaning down on your arms and spreading your legs super wide. While you rolling your sexy booty around, let him see what’s going down on him. This sexy view along with you riding his most beloved part is assured an honored place in his future X-fantasy life.

4.The Star-Crossed Lovers:  This super intimate posture is tricky but worth. Without an utterance, slowly move your hips while looking deep into the eyes. Later drop your gaze a little lower with a note of appreciation how well both of your bodies connected and let him gaze at you.

5.Two of Hearts: This is one of the top most fab romance postures. Sit on his lap with cross-legged facing him wrapping your legs around him. Post kiss him deeply, suck his earlobes, whisper either lovey or dirty things in his ears. 

To enjoy to the core, get some chocolate or champagne on hand to feed each other in both ways. Eating chocolate and boozing during the sex will apparently rise the oxytocin levels and makes your romance life a never ending one.