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Here is amazing beach sex position- Beach Ball Booty

Updated | June 18, 2017 18:40 IST

Those who wants to be adventurous or novel in X-things and those who always craving for new X-positions, here is an amazing position for beach sex. It is said to be a Beach Ball Booty.

If you want to try this position, lie facedown at the shoreline with your back to the ocean. Next, place the beach ball under your pelvis and spread your legs slightly followed by outstretching your arms in front of you. Let your partner lie over you in the same position with his legs together between yours and enters you from behind. This gives you access to your G-spot easily with your pelvis elevated got elevated by the ball.

The romance at the shoreline in this position makes you feel really heavenly while the combo of lapping water against your skin and his thrusts.  To enjoy in the position without any sort of disturbance, dig your toes into the stand to steady yourself.

Credits: Cosmopolitan

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