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‘Shatamanam Bhavathi’ Movie Review

Updated | January 15, 2017 02:47 IST

Movie Name : Shatamanam Bhavathi
Release Date: 15/1/2016

Casting: Sharwanand, Anupama, Prakash Raj, Jayasudha, Naresh, and others
Cinematography: Sameer Reddy
Music: Mickey J Meyar
Producer: Dil Raju
Director: Satish Vegnesa

Rating: 3.5/5


The movie shows us the relationship between the grandson and grandfather.  It shows the village atmosphere and how today generation is is being busy in their own life and is missing the village era. Sharwanand plays the role of grandson to Prakash Raj and Jayasudha who invite their daughter Indira’s family to the village on the eve of Sankaranthi. Anupama is the daughter of Indhira and falls in love with Sharwanand. The twist in the story comes when Raju garu’s wife comes to know the actual plan of the husband and gets upset.

So what was his actual plan? This is the time when there are disturbances created in the family as well. Will that plan work? How did Raju and Nithya succeed in their love? For all these answers you need to watch the film.


Sharwanand plays the role of a village boy who has immense respect for elders and has importance for human’s emotions. Anupama plays the role of the lead heroin in the film. The pair was a delight on the screen as their chemistry worked well. Jayasudha and Prakash Raj have paired up in number of movies and so did their performance do justice just as always.

Technincal Team:

Mickey J Meyer’s melodious music mesmerizes people taking them to another world. All the songs are beautiful and well shot. But many get a feeling that the tunes are repeated. His background score makes good impact. Cinematography of Sameer Reddy captured the beautiful locations of Godavari district giving sweet and colorful memories to movie lovers.

Madhu’s editing could have been better especially in the second half as there are many scenes which dragged the film slowing its tempo. Satish Vegesna attracted with family entertainer with his screenplay and direction. Had he added few interesting twists and turns and made second half racy, result would have been even more powerful. Production values are grand.


Clean family entertainer with rural backdrop
Sharwanand’s performance
Anupama Parameswaran’s expressions
Emotions of Prakash Raj, Jayasudha
Screenplay, Direction


Routine story
No real twists and turns
Predictable plot
Forced comedy
Slow pace


Dil Raju has given a good quality film, and cinematography was good. The movie promotes good relationships in the family and gives a message to the NRI’s to visit their families when possible. All the songs are melodious. The movie has good performances, and nice back ground music. The story is nothing unexpected and has a routine flow. A clean family entertainer.

Final verdict:

Sathamanam Bhavathi gives message oriented Sankranti treat