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'Anandho Brahma' Movie Review

Updated | August 18, 2017 16:26 IST

Movie name : Anandho Brahma
Release date : August 18, 2017
Director : Mahi V Raghav
Producers : Vijay Chilla, Shashi Devireddy
Music Director : Krishna Kumar
Starring : Tapasee Pannu, Srinivas Reddy, Vennela Kishore
Rating : 2.75/5

Anandho Brahma is the one horror comedy film which raised curiosity among the movie lovers with an intriguing teaser. Amid positive buzz, Anandho Brahma comes to theaters to give unlimited fun and thrill. Let’s us see, “How far the director Mahi Raghav successful in delivering unlimited fun and thrill to the audience with Anando Brahma?”

Story : Ram(Rajeev Kanakala), NRI who reaches India in search of his parents who lost contact with them in Uttarakhand floods, where his parents left to. Post knowing the death of his parents, Ram decided to sell all the properties including their parents house. There is a twist in the tale, his parents house is occupied by the ghosts which scare everyone who wants to buy that house.

Why ghosts occupied Ram’s house? Do they have any story to tell? What about Taapsee, Siddhu(Srinivasa Reddy), Vennela Kishore, Shakalaka Shankar and Tagubothu Ramesh? What is their connection with that house? To know, you’ve to watch Anando Brahma.

Analysis : The director, Mahi Raghava has opted a successful formula, horror comedy. Mahi Raghav has cent percent successful in enticing the movie lovers with horror comedy, Anando Brahma. The genres like Love, Horror, and Adventure never gets you bored unless the director spun the story intriguingly, intensely and crisply.

The film Anando Brahmo has a slightly new dimension which keeps apart from regular horror films. In Anando Brahmo, the ghosts afraid of humans.  Despite the director has said above point in the promotions, the ghosts tried their best to scare the humans but failed when Srinivasa Reddy and gang enters the house. Both Srinivasa Redyy gang and ghosts afraid of each other at certain points. Especially, Srinivasa Reddy and gang’s disabilities scared ghosts which give ultimate fun to the audience. 

In the second half of Anando Brahma, Shakalaka Shankar Comedy is the major highlight followed by Vennela Kishore’s. Undoubtedly, Shakalaka Shankar comedy is the main pillar of Anando Brahma. All the star cast including Taapsee, Srinivasa Reddy, Tagubothu Ramesh, Vennela Kishore, Rajiv etc., have done their justification in their respective roles. In the plot, there is no such heroic elements, only characters. Mainly highlights of the film are comedy and few thrilling and scary moments.

The background music and cinematography work are pretty good, which elevated the mood of the plot. Surprisingly, for the first time, duration has become a draw back. Anando Brahma is short in duration. Here, the director seems to implement his thought in a simple and interesting way without going for any complexities. Almost each and every character is linked to the plot and no track has been separately added and tried his best to make the film more close to logic and connected each and every dot properly.

The director Mahi Raghav seems first assumed characters of  Shakalaka Shankar, Vennela Kishore, Tagubothu Ramesh and Srinivasa Reddy and spun the story around their characterization by blending horror element for excitement along with their comedy. All these four characters have some problems which we have seen in many Telugu films, so ultimately it leaves the impression as silly on us. Most of the scenes are routine, except for the comedy of Shakalaka Shankar. The only point of ghosts afraid of humans in new, but the execution is routine and silly. Well, there is an unexpected twist too at the end.

With the point of Anando Brahma, the director has the scope to make a brilliant and thrilling film but the director seems to limit his vision instead of expanding the point in a better way.

Positive Points:
Shakalaka Shankar comedy followed by Vennela Kishore’s
Cinematography and back ground score
second half
Taapsee and all other actors played their part
The core point, ghosts afraid of humans is a valid one.
Negative Points:
Despite the core point of ghosts afraid of humans is novel, it executed ordinarily with routine stuff
Except for the comedy of Shakalaka Shankar, most of the scenes in the film were already seen in many films.
The comedy of Shakalaka Shankar and Vennela Kishore justified the title of Anando Brahma. The remaining stuff is executed ordinarily with few thrilling elements.
Anando Brahma is a compromised horror thriller with few comedy elements.