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'Arjun Reddy' Movie Review

Updated | August 25, 2017 17:42 IST

Movie : Arjun Reddy
Release date : August 25, 2017
Director : Sandeep Reddy Vanga
Producers : Pranay Reddy Vanga
Music Director : Radhan
Starring : Vijay Deverakonda, Shalini Pandey
Rating : 2.75/5

The film, Arjun Reddy which has created a sensation all over the movie lovers with a single teaser, especially in Youth has finally stormed the box office, Today. Let’s see, “ How Arjun Reddy, who is poor at anger management has managed the box office?”

Story : Arjun Reddy, (Vijay Devarakonda) is a medico, who is poor at anger management, but he is as pure as anger.  He fell in love with his junior, Preethi. How his anger and rapidness in making decisions has made his smoothly going love journey into rough?

Simply to tell, The film is love journey of Arjun Reddy which compromises of extreme love, happiness, and pain. And how his life reached to a happy ending?  You’ve to witness the tale of the romance of Arjun Reddy only on the silver screen.

Analysis : Arjun Reddy is a tailor-made character to the most promising young talent, Vijay Devarakonda after Pellichoopulu. The film is all about the love journey of an angry medico, Arjun Reddy, who unable to control his anger and take decisions in seconds of time.

As Arjun, Vijay Devarakonda has done the terrific job. With his attitude, he has won the appreciation of movie lovers in the form of whistles and their boisterous sounds.  How he has given the kick to every audience through his attitude in the first half has touched the hearts with his performance as a heartbroken lover. He showcased the pain of an honest lover on his face.  

His attitude and performance in the emotional scenes are simply superb.

And it is not so easy to maintain the attitude so convincingly in the emotions in the second half after he became love failure. Because if it exceeds an inch, the audience would think him as a pyscho. Whatever the things he has doing in the second half has to reflect his genuineness in love and the pain of him. He did that so easily and brilliantly.

Coming to the debut heroine, she is simple and beautiful. She lived in the character and her expressions are so cute. Likewise, Vijay, she has given life to Preethi character as junior medico and her struggle in a very natural manner. Her performance is natural.

Besides the lead pair, Arjun Reddy’ friend character is quite impressive and has done pretty good job. The actor got the qualities of being a good comedy actor.  All the other actors including Legendary actress, Kanchana, who has made her re-entry of ages, have played their part nicely and neatly.

The debutant director Vanga Sankalp Reddy has proved that he is a brilliant technician as he handled all the departments quite nicely and utilized talents. 

The music of the film is pretty and it became the part of Arjun Reddy journey and not became an obstruction, which is much needed good sign for the director.  The director used the songs when needed which brought depth to the journey of Arjun. The cinematography also simple and natural. It is also challenging task for the cinematographer to give the best experience to the movie lover by showcasing it in a realistic way. If the realistic approach exceeds, it creates the impact of watching a documentary rather than a film.

According to the vision of the director, the DOP has done the decent job. Coming to the director, he has executed his vision without comprising. Through his vision, he blended both realistic and cinematic approach when required. Mainly, how wonderfully he extracted performance from Vijay Devarakonda despite being a debutant. It is a tough job for him as well as to the actor. As said above, it shows Arjun Reddy character in a negative manner if the performance of the actor exceeds even a bit too. Because the whole film is of Arjun Reddy. It is his love and pain.

Through Arjun Reddy character, the director almost depicted the pain of a true lover in a realistic way despite some cinematic scenes added too. If a true lover fails in love, he never easily forgets his lady love until death. It pinches him every time in the heart. And lives in the feeling that one day his lady love will come to him.

Through the film, the director seems to tell a beautiful point that a true love never fails even both the lovers separated due to some external factors, at the end. But both the lovers have to be honest in their love. Their honesty in love definitely unites them at any point in the life. It is universal fact, that no one can accept if his lady love reaches him as a pregnant lady. But in the film, Arjun Reddy is the synonym of genuine love, he wanted to accept her whatever the position she is in, whether she is pregnant or etc.,

Through Arjun Reddy character, director Vanga Sankalp Reddy disclosed the love is pure related to heart not related to neither body or anything etc., under currently. The director has run the first half with the fast pace with attitude of Arjun and the second half become flat as the lead character went through the pain. Anyway, Arjun Reddy is a daring attempt which has an honest soul to witness.

Positive Points:
Vijay Devarakonda, Shalini, and Rahul Ramakrishna
honesty in the execution
the background score, cinematography
debutant director
first half
Negative Points:
The second half becomes flat and it will be okay when the audience connected with the pain of Arjun Reddy.
The second half is dragged, flat and slow in pace.
The Youth is clapping and whistling when lead pair kissing instead of witnessing the true emotion in it.
Arjun Reddy is the honest love journey which disclosed that true love unites the lovers at any point in the life. The film has wonderful performances of the lead actor followed by the pretty good execution and the genuineness in the soul.