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Central Government responds on Telugu Mirchi Farmers woes - Tollybeats

Central Government responds on Telugu Mirchi Farmers woes

Updated | May 3, 2017 06:08 IST

The Central Government is responded to the problems of Telugu Mirchi Farmers in both the states, Telangana and AP who have been protesting from past few days for the right price of Mirchi sales.

Yesterday, Jana Sena Chief, Pawan Kalyan also supported the Chilli farmers and wanted the governments to pay the compensation for the farmers. The Central Agricultural Minister, Radha Mohan Singh has today announced Rs.5,000/- support price for Quintal Mirchi and ensured to buy the Mirchi from both the Telugu states by the Market Intervention Scheme.

He also said that the Chillies will be purchased by Central Government through the agencies of both the State Governments till 31st May. The State Governments will decide the Purchase Center agencies, said the Central Minister.

Both Central and State Governments will share the loss of Mirchi farmers in the ratio of 50-50.