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Chandrababu Naidu is the only obstacle

Updated | May 2, 2017 17:19 IST

MRPS Founder, President, Manda Krishna Madiga has condemned that AP CM Chandrababu Naidu is the only and main obstacle for reservations. 

Speaking to reporters at Rajam in Srikakulam,  and Vizianagaram districts, he alleged that AP CM Chandrababu had betrayed, who earlier given assurance to implement reservations before the election. That's why they are going to work on the 'Kurukshetra Mahasagramam' program to be held in Amaravati on July 7th to open the eyes of the government.

If anyone tries to stop their program, Manda Krishna Madiga said that they will retaliate strongly and the leaders of the government and AP CM will be responsible for the aftermath consequences. He expressed hope that the SC classification Bill would be passed in Parliament with the initiative of Union Minister Venkaiah Naidu. Like Telangana CM KCR, he also keen to take All Party Leaders to New Delhi for the ABCD categorization.

On the other hand, MRPS President expressed his anger over Telangana Government in case of BCs. TRS government has made some proposals to include some of the BC and its sub-caste groups in the STs, which was not right so, for unable to do justice to the BCs. He said that they were strongly opposing this tactic of Telangana.

He suggested that based on population in respective BC category, the government has to do justice for them instead of putting the extra burden on the reservations.