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Depression runs away with Hatha Yoga

Updated | August 6, 2017 11:41 IST

The greatest gift Indian yogis given to the world is Yoga. It cures everything and anything almost. If you exercise it with full determination. The great benefits of Yoga are scientifically proving one after another.

The latest research in America has proved that Yoga is tremendously helpful to come out of the psychological depression. They made a study on 23 men and 52 women in various places who have the symptoms of depression. The researchers made all these people to practice Meditation and Pranayama along with Hatha Yoga for eight weeks. Depending on the yoga practice of two classes per week, the level of depression in them has been significantly reduced.

The doctors' teams of San Fransico Medical Center and Massachusetts General Hospital have been regularly registering changes in their health conditions. In Western Countries, Hatha Yoga is becoming popular under the names of Vikram Yoga and Heat Yoga.

This wonderful gift of great Indian Culture is now following across the world for the best health and happy life style.

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