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Eight ways how coconut oil makes you feel and look great

Updated | July 9, 2017 11:35 IST

Coconut Oil, which is most regularly used across the globe as the best health agent to the skin and hair. The fatty acids in coconut oil can naturally moisturize skin and hair. Especially in India and Asian countries, it is remembered first when any problem occurred related to skin and hair. It is useful in many ways.

Here are the eight ways which the coconut oil helps us.

Make a cold-busting rub:  Mix one teaspoon coconut oil with two drops of peppermint oil. Then apply the oil on the chest and rub, which apparently gives some relief and relaxation. It gives a great relief from breathing problems like cold when camphor is mixed with lukewarm coconut oil. Later apply this oil on the chest.

Repairs Split Ends : It repair split ends and give silk, smooth, and glowing hair. To get, apply the coconut oil from root to tip and twist hair into the bun.  Later leave the hair for five minutes and then rinse. It is a wonderful moisturizing for the dry hair and skin.

Banish Eczema :  To get relief from soothing red and itchy skin, you’ve to mix calendula with coconut oil and then apply. 

Relieves your pain : To get relief from sore muscles, apply the lotion, which is a mix of coconut oil, cayenne pepper, and peppermint oil. 

Make a  Massage oil :  mix one drop of lavender oil with the quarter-sized amount of coconut oil and make a massage oil. Apply the massage oil all over the body which not only relaxes muscles but also relieves stress and gives a good sleep.

Hydrate your Lips :  As said above, Coconut oil is a good moisturizer. It softens your lips when applying during winter under cold climatic conditions. Stash/Store coconut oil in an empty contact lens holder and dab on lips, which hydrates your lips.

Break it out in the bedroom : Use coconut oil as a lube during romantic nights.  Avoid if using condoms(It breaks down latex).

Get Smoother Skin :   To get smoother skin, mix half cup salt along with half cup melted coconut oil. Later use in the shower to exfoliate.


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