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Five Anal Sex positions you probably never attempted

Updated | July 9, 2017 16:03 IST

Anal Sex is a common act of love making or intercourse between a male and a female, which comprises of insertions and thrusts for the sexual pleasure. If you’re an explorer, you can find some incredible way of anal sex positions which you never attempted before.

The Beginners’ Bend:  In this position, a male can lay aside on the bed like a hockey stick whereas the female curls up like a ball closer to F-part. The male has to insert his F-part to the back side of the female, who is curled up like a ball. Stay in that position and listen to each of your breath, which helps you relax.  If you want some more excitement slowly start the thrust while the female talking some fab X-things. During the thrust, the female has to put the vibrator between the legs. If the vibrator is doing its job fine and the thrust from the back, you’ll literally feel that the enjoyment has a new incredible position. You can actually feel pretty incredible.

Bottoms Up:  First, lie on your stomach and put a pillow under your pelvis for the easier access to your man. Make him ignite the fire in you by rubbing legs, back, and bum until you’re feeling fine. If your man starts the romance with a thin stream of lube under your crack followed by gently exploring your secret part with well-lubed fingers. It gives nearly 90% enthusiastic feeling when he going all in. To take your excitement level two times better, it is in your hands only. Every female love to have it.  Slip a hand or vibrator between your legs to get the enjoyment what you exactly wish for.

The Standing Slow Slide:  Place a chair or stool against the wall and put your leg on it. Brace yourself on the wall and let him enter from behind. After he slowly thrusting in and up, toss your head back and makes, both of your lips fight ardently. At this point of time, make him grab your boobs and pressing them slowly. It gives an unforgettable feeling to both of you.

The Erotic Examination:  This anal sex position is just like a yoga pose. It gives the access to some butt sex. Lie on your back on the sturdy table or bed, bend your knees and grasp the ankles, which gives easy and full access to your man to explore. Despite the position seems a fantasy, but it works if your man takes his time to explore or massage to access you. The delayed gratification is really hotter with all these explorations before going for the final thrusts.

Double Trouble: This is one of the fab positions for sex admirers who want to enjoy its pleasure to the core and always who strive to invite new methods.  Let your man like on the bed naked and put your clothes off and sit on F-thing facing his feet. You need to take him in from behind. For the double thrill, put dildo or vibrator into your vagina and start rocking up and down. If you wanna go for a triple thrill, rub your clit at the same time. This is for the amazing sex lovers.

Most of all these anal sex positions can give you double ride and thrill.


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