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Five Best Yogic Sex Positions

Updated | August 6, 2017 12:38 IST

These five best yogic sex positions not only gives ultimate thrill in your romantic life but also benefits your health, physically and mentally. Among those yogic sex positions, the first one is

Downward Doggy Style or Parvathasana Yogic sex position: This position allows you the heaven doors from the back. Make your girl stretch her hands and legs exactly like in push-up position. Later she slowly bends her ass up into the air and make a straight line from her wrists through her head and back, up to butt. And made her extend her legs farther to get easy access to her back and to enjoy insanely in this yogic style. Besides sex excitement, it strengthens her arms and upper back.

The Bridge of Moans or Bridge position: This yogic sex position is easy for both the partners. In this position, she has to lie on her back with her knees bent up and two of her feet apart. Later she has to up her hip and you’ve to kneel between her legs and go for thrusts. The angle of her elevated hips and your penis stroking the super sensitive top of her vagina.

This position gives strong lower back, butt, and hamstrings.

Fifty shades of Vinyasa: It also a lot easier sex position where she has to lie on her back with butterfly opened legs. Enjoy your own way in X-thing by tying her wrists. Besides you can hold her hands' wrists tightly to go for some wild thing. If both of you partners go for such wild X-thing, it definitely the terrific experience for both of you. Well, it relaxes your hips.

The Plow Pose: It is the really hard position to go for, especially for the females. And it definitely needs yoga experience for the flexibility and to enjoy the sex to the core in a thrilling way. First, she has to lie on her back and you’ve to kneel over her head with your knees touching her shoulders facing her feet. Then she has to pull her legs up over her and around your hips by creating access for you to enter from there. To add an animalistic vibe to the sex, let her bend knees to their X-proceedings.

No more hard sex in this position. Be careful about your neck and as said above, only those expertise in Yoga can try. 

Thunderbolt or Vajrasana Sex position: The thunderbolt pose is nothing but sitting in Vajrasana. The male can sit in Vajrasana where the female hops abroad on the male in cowgirl style and ride his thunderbolt. To give more ignition to your partner, female may climb off and start giving some breast sex. The female lube her boobs, squeeze them around his pennis, rub them up and down the shaft and around the head.

In this position, the female has the chance to lure and lead their partners to take into the unforgettable and exciting journey of romance.  The position gives strong ankles and loose quadriceps.


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