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Foods that affect your sex drive

Updated | June 4, 2017 13:06 IST

Till now, we know about the foods and exercises which boost our sex drive. But there are some foods which can affect the romance life.

Alcohol:  The excess drinking of alcohol affects the romance life and troubles achieving an orgasm. It also increases distant between partners due to bad breath etc., It also makes you sleepy and uninterested. 

Red Meats:  Red meats contain added hormones or antibiotics. If you eat in larger quantities, can apparently unbalance a man’ natural hormone levels. So it affects your libido.

Cheese:  Despite Cheese is delicious, it affects your hormones like testosterone and oestrogen,  which ignites your romance life.  So, cheese lowers your libido.

Mint: The Mint which contains menthol tend to lower testosterone, which naturally lowers the sex drive.

Liquorice: Liquorice is a  plant which often uses in candies, herbal teas etc., Even though it is delicious, it contains phytoestrogens which affect the level of testosterone in the body (testosterone is present in both male and female) and weakens your sexual desire.

Quinine: It is mostly used to flavor drinks such as tonic water. Sadly, it also causes the negative effect on the libido. Quinine flavored drinks make us frigid. E.g. Tequila shots.

Chocolate:  It is really shocking to have chocolate on the list. Normally, most of the condom companies use chocolate along with hot beauties in their ads and depicted chocolate a great one which lures the couple to be cozy and enjoy their X-time to the core.

Based on health and nutritionist words, chocolate has methylxantines which make us lethargic and sleepy, it eventually lowers sex drive.

Fried Foods: These foods have trans-fat which decreases the libido in both men and women and increases the abnormal sperm production in men and interferes with gestation in women.

Microwaved Popcorn: It is the perfect partner to enjoy a movie but it damages your sex drive because of the chemicals used in the linings of popcorn bags.  The bags contain perfluoroalkyl acids, which lower sperm count in men and decreases sexual desire in women.

Corn Flakes:  Corn Flakes which most of the people taken as great breakfast, but it should be avoided before any sexual activity. It lowers the libido. If not, use by spicing them up with a natural aphrodisiac like a dash of cinnamon which warms up your body or a bit of honey which increases testosterone and oestrogen production. Thus you can enjoy your X-life if adding above said with Corn Flakes.