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Fresh Fruit beneficial for Diabetic Patients

Updated | April 30, 2017 18:44 IST

Based on the new case study in PLOS Medicine is not only come to the conclusion that the fresh fruits help prevent diabetes but also lowers risk of death and vascular complications for those who already living with.

The study authors write it as the first large potential study proving analogous converse associations of fruit consumption with both incident diabetes and diabetic complications.

The researchers have recruited half a million adults aged 30-79 from different parts of China in between June 2004-July 2008 to study. Their health monitored over the four-year period and the researchers investigate links between the diet and health. How is the diet directly proportional to the health?

They find 12 percent lower relative risk of developing diabetes in the non-diabetic participants, who are free of diabetes at the start of the study,  after the consumption a fresh fruit daily. And those who diagonised with diabetes before the start of the study have 17 percent lower risk of death from any cause as they consumed a fresh fruit more than thrice in a week.

The diet also plays an important role in decreasing risks to the health and life. The diet also produced 13-28 percent decrease in risk of developing major complications such as Heart disease and stroke from the disease compared with the individuals who didn’t much consume fresh fruit.

The medical opinion is mixed on fruit and diabetes because of the high sugar content in fruits.  Regarding this, contradictory conclusions were made by the medical literature. One study concluded that higher fruit consumption is significantly associated with diabetes, which means higher fruit consumption results in diabetes.

But a separate European study has concluded that there is no connection between the two proving the former study about higher fruit consumption is wrong. The recent meta-analysis is finally saying that higher fruit consumption lowers risk of diabetes.

It may results to perplexing and confusion due to different opinions on the fresh fruit consumption. After several studies by various researchers, fresh fruit consumption is lowering the risk of diabetes. An important note is, fresh fruit consumption and consumption of fruit juice is different proves the study.

Fresh Fruit Juice is linked to gain weight and obesity. Fresh Fruit Juice and Processed Fruit Juice also not recommendable which has the chances of diabetes.  Later different types of studies are on the consumption of fresh fruit juice. ADA(American Diabetes Association) has its own guidelines for the fruit consumption with some strict diet including refined carbohydrates, added sugars with whole grains, legumes, vegetables, and fruits.