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Get Creative with these 6 tips to burn extra calories every day

Updated | July 2, 2017 10:55 IST

If you want to burn your calories more during the day. You’ve to follow these simple 6 creative tips which helpful in burning calories with some fine and minimal efforts. Some of these tips depict the orthodox methods of the great Indian Culture.

Sweat early in the morning:  First thing is to wake up early in the morning. Starts your day with little warm up exercises. Later, stoke your metabolism by doing jumping jacks or squats.

Pump up your AC: How much energetic you are is not matter, but the cool temperature apparently makes you lazy to get up from the bed and if you’ve love for workouts, it makes you do more, which apparently burn more calories. So, the colder temperature helps your body work harder to stay warm, burning calories.

Sit on the Floor:  This is one of the great India’ orthodox method of burning calories. We, Indians unknowingly practicing this tip over the centuries. So, everyone can blindly follow this which burn more of your calories. Make it a daily habit of sitting on the floor while taking lunch, breakfast, reading and watching TV etc. It forces your muscles to work harder whenever you have to stand up.

Set Phone Reminders:  The next thing is to go tech way. It is a universal truth, smartphones are not that much good for health as deliver radiation. So use your smartphone, even more, smarter and make it as a medium for your lifestyle. Program your smartphone to go off every thirty minutes to remind you to get up and move.

Always Add 5:  Yes, always an extra mile benefits you not only reach your destination faster in terms of travel but also in health. So, add at least 5 more minutes to the end of a stroll or jog to burn off extra calories.

Lift Weights: Why most of the wage laborers especially in construction or in other areas where they sweat a lot are strong and with the chiselled 6-abs body. Because they always used to lift weights on their head, shoulders.  

While carrying weights on the heads, their body posture is exactly straight which is just like the 90-degree angle in our geometry. But in the modern age, we are lifting different types of weights in different forms to burn calories as well as for better and well-toned body. So, add squats and deadlifts to your cardio routine will crank up the burn.


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