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Go for Morning Sex which gives Amazing Health Benefits

Updated | April 30, 2017 19:30 IST

Bedtime sex, during nights, is quite common and the benefits gained by the couple is universally known. Based on the new research, Morning Sex is more beneficial than nights. It not only a stress reliever but also makes you active all day long.

According to Belfast’ Queen’s University research, three sessions of morning sex will give amazing health benefits including facial and hair glow.

Here are the health benefits we get through Morning Sex. 

Morning Sex reduces the risk of heart attacks for fifty per cent and improves blood circulation.

It diminishes blood pressure.

It helps in alleviating the migraine.

It reduces the joint pains like arthritis and inflammation.

Each session burns 300 calories which reduce the risk of developing diabetes.

It will make your face and hair shine due to the rise of estrogen levels and other essential hormones.

It rejuvenates brain nerves and keeps you energetic all day long with a smile on face.

It not only reduces stress and keeps you full josh even whatever the hassles your day brings.

It Improves your immunity by boosting the production of   Immunoglobulins IgA that contains antibodies which give protection against virus and other infections.

It reduces the risk of attacking cold and cough.

It releases Oxytocin, the love hormone which strengthens the bondage between the couples both mentally and physically.