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Health Trends In 2017

Updated | April 21, 2017 02:14 IST

The health and fitness market has experienced an unmatched progress, as a result of people who are waking up to the several advantages that a sweat-drenched lifestyle has to offer. Every few months you will discover innovative and thrilling techniques being developed in the fitness-lifestyle market that offer variety and keep people pumped up about leading an active life. In 2016, we noticed the rise of hybrid classes, high-intensity interval training, boutique boxing, boot camp workout and much more. While these health fads are not going anywhere, professionals predict that this year is likely to see development in fun and easy workouts. Here’s a list of the health and fitness trends you could expect in 2017.

Teching it up

Wearable fitness had been popular last year and 2017 will find it as one of its major fitness trends. Obviously, people want quantified monitor-able exercises with metrics.

Basically everyone can be observed sporting a fitness tracker of some sort. The standard pedometers have evolved and just how! Today, one can get breed-specific fitness trackers for their pets, too!

Global reports declare  that in 2017 we will probably be using gymbots / drones as workout assistants. In some gyms, you can view your heart monitor statistics live as you work out.

Treading water

Did you snigger at the water aerobics class last year? While aqua fitness has existed for a long period, what exactly is new this year in water workouts is pool biking. Especially developed bikes give you a cardiovascular stamina workout of a spin-class while using low-impact support of water. It might help you melt off to a whopping 800 calories in an hour and is a lot milder on the joints because resistance is 12 times higher, you are likelier to lose more weight and strengthen your body.

Dance Cardio

An additional pattern that will be influencing fitness regimes in 2017 is the dance cardio. This coming year will find people working out in manners that do not feel much like exercising and dance cardio classes are supposed to feel like a party, instead of a sweat session for losing weight. Strength-training along with cardio-inspired choreography workouts for intense, yet enjoyable workouts will gain popularity.