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Here are five snacking combos that help you lose your weight

Updated | June 18, 2017 18:48 IST

Normally, any snack items can make you gain your body weight because most of us prefer food like sweets, cakes, pastries, Pizzas, Burgers etc. These type of automatically results in gaining weight.

Well, there are some snacks also there which can easily burn fat. Here are five easy fat burning snacks.

1.Warm pear with a dollop of  Cinnamon Ricotta- It’s a perfect sweet-savory snack rich in protein and fiber.

2.Edamame- A cup of edamame contains 17 grams of protein, 8 grams of fiber, and less than 200 calories.

3.15 Asparagus and a hard-boiled egg- Fiber-rich asparagus balances out eggs’ natural protein.

4.3-0z. CANNED TUNA with 6 Whole-Wheat Crackers, where Tuna is packed with lean protein and Omega-3s

5.Toast with Walnut and Pear Spread- Walnuts add an energy boost and they’re rich in serotonin which produces feel-good chemicals in the brain.

All these above-said snacks are rich in fiber with some protein and fatty acids which reduce the weight. Omega 3s fatty acid helps in reducing blood fat, depression, Asthma etc. which are essential for the good health.

These snacks not only feeds your hunger but also best for the health.

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