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Holi Celebration In India

Updated | March 12, 2017 22:28 IST

Religious beliefs, bonfires and a good amount of coloured water – India’s Holi Celebration might just be one the world’s most breathtaking celebrations. Faces are masked with colour, and cultural rules are relaxed; it’s no real surprise that numerous communities abroad are also jumping on the multi-coloured bandwagon and wishing each other a ‘Happy Holi’.

Each year, the Holi Celebration brings a rainbow of colour to the streets of India. The Holika bonfire is ignited the night before the Holi, bringing men and women gathered together for an evening of dance and song. The next day, the bonfire gives way for a free-for-all carnival of color. Participants play, chasing each other with coloured water and powder.

The Holi Celebration is famous for being the festival of colours, or the festival of love. As an traditional Hindu religious festival, Holi has become popular with non-Hindus in South Asia, as well as communities outside the continent.It is increasingly popular upon the Golden Triangle Tourist Circuit in India, with celebrations in Delhi, Jaipur, and and Agra. Holi Festival in these cities is slightly more vibrant and jovial than those in the southern part of India, where Holi is usually more solemn and much more focused on religious ceremonies.