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Hormone treatment for Sexual disorders

Updated | July 23, 2017 11:54 IST

The Scientists have discovered a  romantic hormone to eliminate Sexual Mental disorders. The Researchers of Imperial College of London in Britain has disclosed that a hormone named, ‘Kisspeptin’, which generates naturally in the human body is helpful to end the woes of the people who are not blessed with children.

These researchers have injected Kisspeptin hormone into 29 healthy young men. Later they found in their study that Kisspeptin has awakened the areas which promote sexual orientation in the brain. “Till now, everyone considered genetic problems are the reasons for infertility and no one has focussed on Psycho sexual disorders,” said, Indian Scientist, Waljit Dhillo, who led the research.

However, Waljit Dhillo said the use of Kisspeptin hormone is still in the experimental stage and need more research on it.  The Indian Scientist and his team are keen to look into Kisspeptin whether it become an effective treatment for Sexual Mental disorders or not, to put an end to the couples' woes who failed to conceive.



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