Saturday February 16, 2019
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How Many Confidants Are You With Sex

Updated | March 18, 2017 23:58 IST

Sex is a very important part of your health and life. Your sex life has a direct connection to your mental stress. Let’s know how many confident you know about sex, how to find out …

Ease with your body:During sex, people often think more about their figure. This tells your level of confidence. When you are intimate with your partner, you should think only of those special moments, not about what your partner will think about your figure. Remove the stress from this point of mind.

Organize: It is a fund which men are often worried about and women dissatisfied. Experts believe that nothing like this happens. If you are worried about this, then your confidence for good sexual life is very low. Talk to your partner freely about this and keep the environment comfortable.

Dare to deny:Even after not having desire in sexual life, you hesitate to deny sex. But now time is changing and both men and women have become very clear. They consider this as their right, and this shows your Confidence in Sexual Life.

Interaction during sex:The placid level of sex depends on your approach. If you talk to a partner during sex, then it shows your Confident Approach. Plus, your intimacy with partner also increases.

Frankly talk on sex life:How frankly you talk to your partner about your sex life, this also shows the level of your confidence. This habit increases your comfort level during sex with your partner and increases the plaque.