Wednesday December 12, 2018
How solo woman enjoy the X-thing to the core - Tollybeats

How solo woman enjoy the X-thing to the core

Updated | May 4, 2017 20:51 IST

The Slide and Slip : While you are bathing under shower head or in a tub faucet if the water running on your V- shape. You must try pressing your V-shape against the water jets shooting into pool or tub. Position yourself near that jet.

The Electric Threesome or Oral Lovemaking simulators : Get some oral sex simulators like the Womanizer and Lela Ora 2 use them to enjoy insanely perfect magic outside.

Double circles : Circle your clit with one finger and at the same time use a finger from the other hand to circle at your V- entrance. Maintain a slower tempo with lower hand circles, which will give a sure delightful experience to you.

Pretend as there is a lover use lovemaking toys : Pop a lovemaking toy(dildo) which exactly like in the shape of male’ secret weapon on the chair or bed, go for that F thing wildly. Get into it and rock your hips against it. Enjoy to the core and pretend that you are into lovemaking with your lover.

Mirror : Sit before the full-length mirror without any clothes and with a lube in hand. Mizzle the lube over your nipples and play with your boobs, sliding your hands over them, do whatever you like pinching, squeezing etc. Later take more lube and apply over your belly, your inner thighs and gradually on your secret V-part. Think how sexy you are while looking at the mirror by evading all the other thoughts.