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I won’t accept if you call KCR is CM

Updated | August 7, 2017 16:11 IST

“I won’t accept if you call KCR is Chief Minister. He is always the Movement Leader.”, said Karimnagar MP, Boyanapalli Vinod. The MP who attended the Professor Jayashankar’s Jayanthi celebrations in Karimnagar on Sunday has made the above statement.

Speaking in Jayashankar Jayanthi celebrations, CM KCR won’t tolerate if any injustice happens to Telangana. Vinod who said that they have cast their vote in favor of NDA Vice-Presidential candidate in the morning has raised slogans against GST in the evening.

And also said that no one has given Telangana, we’ve got it through the fight. MP Vinod who claimed that Professor Jayashankar has come to CM KCR is concluded by saying him as the Movement Leader.


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