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If you lack sexual attraction in your partner, then follow these

Updated | July 31, 2017 11:21 IST

If you feel others sexually attractive than your life partner and you won’t get any sex feelings on your husband/wife, which means you got bored of your partner, then you’ve to observe carefully whether your life or partner that makes you bored.

If that is your partner, there are ways to put your sex life on track. At first, make yourself

gets excited by opting different working style. Later choose any hobby where both of you get involved. Finally, plan a vacation with your partner. These three tips help you to get attracted to your partner.

On your romantic vacation, you’ve to switch off your phones and make yourself free from your busy regular world. If you are a female, pack some sexy clothes which help in boosting the romantic hormones of your husband. And make this vacation a romantic and unforgettable one in your lives by allotting more time for your bodies to wrestle.

Discuss with your partner about your favorite X-part which excites you more. And also reveal the best qualities to him/her which makes you fall for him/her madly.  Remind the best and funny moments which occurred in your life. By sharing all these, both become close and whatever the thin line between you is apparently gets erased and both of you looks new and the sexual attraction automatically enhanced between both of you, which apparently strengths your bondage too.

Otherwise, the small boredom and un-excitement on your partner will result in a unfillable void between both of you.


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