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"I’m not joining in YCP"- Kalabandhu - Tollybeats

"I’m not joining in YCP"- Kalabandhu

Updated | September 10, 2017 13:29 IST

After YCP debacle in both Nandyal and Kakinada elections, there have been lot of reports went viral as YS Jagan’s party as the core point including migrations to TDP, migrations from Congress to YCP etc.,

Besides these, the YCP President has given full powers to Prashanth Kishore not only on the party but also on paper and TV. Everything should be followed as per PK’s decision until YS Jagan became CM in 2019 elections. 

Well, the Senior Congress Leader, Kalabandhu, T Subbarami Reddy thrashed the rumors of him joining in YSRCP are completely false. Speaking to the reporters in Visakhapatnam, Mr. Subbarami Reddy said that he never quits Congress Party.

He also said that he is felicitating Legendary Actress, Jamuna on 17th September, the eve of his birthday.


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