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It is not good to pelt stones at Vangaveeti Ranga - Tollybeats

It is not good to pelt stones at Vangaveeti Ranga

Updated | September 6, 2017 13:09 IST

Kapu Movement Leader, Vangaveeti Ranga has questioned,” Is it necessary to call off Kapu Padayatra as TDP wins in both Nandyal and Kakinada?” It is really shameful that AP CM wants their cadre to celebrate these wins.

Speaking to the media at his residence in Kirlampudi, wished early election in 2018 and then AP CM will know the power of Kapus in thirteen districts. He criticized that TDP didn’t get the deposit in the elections of united AP and didn’t ditch party in Ganga. Mudragada wanted AP CM to implement Kapu reservations like Janasena Chief, Pawan Kalyan said.

It is an injustice of calling me sold to YS Jagan. He said that it is really inhuman to pelt stones on Vangaveeti Ranga who is not amidst us physically. And it is not good to drag a person who physically not among us by making unnecessary and disgraceful comments.


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