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'Kathalo Rajakumari ' Review

Updated | September 16, 2017 08:19 IST

Movie : Kathalo Rajakumari (2017)
Star Cast : Nara Rohit, Naga Shourya, Namitha Pramod
Director : Mahesh Surapaneni
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Releasing on : September 15, 2017
Rating : 2/5

Actor, Nara Rohith who has been following the custom of bringing interesting films at the box office has brought this time Kathalo Rajakumari. Let’s see, Nara Rohith’s Kathala Rajakumari impresses the movie lovers or not.

Story : Kathalo Rajakumari is the story of Arjun(Nara Rohith) who has the negative shades in reel and real life as a star has lost that shade due to an incident and his attempts to get his original shade drives the plot. To know, he has achieved what he anticipated and what is his relationship with Sita(Namitha Pramod). You’ve to watch Kathalo Rajakumari.

Analysis : In Kathalo Rajakumari, as a haughty Star and a painful lover, Nara Rohith has done the terrific job. Simply he lived in both the roles and portrayed the emotions of arrogance and pain in a commendable way. As Sita, Namita Pramod is beautiful in country-side girl’s role and did a good job.

Coming to the remaining characters, as hero friend, Prabhas Sreenu evoked few laughs with his timing. Young Hero, Naga Shourya impressed in a special cameo.  Technically the film is good with the nice cinematography of Naresh K Nara and maestro Ilayaraja’s two beautiful soul songs.

The background score of Vishal Chandrasekhar also scored pretty decent marks.  Despite the debutant director Mahesh Surpaneni has taken up a nice point but unable to do justice to it especially in the second half.

The debutant is nicely driven till the interval episode with a nice twist which amplified the excitement on the second half. Sadly, the second half started with a pale, unexciting and slow narration. The way the director has driven the first few minutes of the second half made the remaining part of film predictable, which apparently creates a negative impression on the audience and it became tough for them to bear till the end.

Mahesh Surapaneni seems more concentrated on dialogues rather than execution. Most of the directors in Tollywood trying to attempt new points but they lack the patience to wait until their script gets perfectly shaped. Most of the directors driving their interesting point very fine till the interval episode and then the same routine execution in the second half.

If the directors spent more time on script and wait with patience, even they may not be delivered path-breaking films like Arjun Reddy but surely they deliver some promising entertainers like Express Raja, Run Raja Run, Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha, Pellichoopulu, Uyyala Jampala etc.,

Anyway, the director who started the proceedings with an interesting point has ended up with a routine old Telugu school formula.

Positive Points:
Nara Rohith’s performance as a haughty film star and a painful lover.
Prabhas Sreenu comedy, Namitha Pramod
Ilayaraja songs, Vishal Chandrasekhar background score
Cinematography of Naresh K Nara
Debutant Mahesh Surpaneni has taken a nice point
Negative Points:
Second half
Slow pace in execution
Predictable and boring
Despite Kathalo Rajakumari has good point, but failed in the execution. The performance of Nara Rohith, Ilayaraja songs, Prabhas Sreenu comedy and the passable first half to try for with a nice twist. It is slow and boring in the second half.