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KTR and MP Kavitha celebrates Rakshabandhan

Updated | August 7, 2017 15:57 IST

Today, the entire Indian diaspora across the globe has celebrated Rakshabandhan with fervor and joy. Even the politicians and film stars are not an exception.

Bollywood, Tollywood  Stars followed by the entire film fraternity down south has celebrated this festival. Stars like Akshay Kumar, Parineeti Chopra, Shraddha Kapoor, Lakshmi Manchu, Manchu and Vishnu Manoj are celebrated with their sisters and brothers.

In Telugu states, Rakhibandhan celebration of TRS MP, Kalavakuntla Kavitha, and KTR has become the talk of the town because they celebrated in an inspirational way by promoting their government’s agenda of people’s safety.

After knotting Rakhi to KTR, Kavitha gifted helmet to KTR by sending the message to both the people of Telugu states about the necessity of helmet and the road safety. On the other end, KTR gifts Kavitha a Pattu Saree, where the Telangana has taken the initiative to promote handloom clothes, which also a message to everyone to use Handloom garments on the eve of National Handloom Day and Rakhi Pournami.

Likewise, both the leaders propagated their Government’s wonderful initiatives for the welfare of people.

Three generations of Telangana CM KCR has celebrated Rakshabandhan. KCR and his sister, Kavitha and KTR followed by KTR's children.


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