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'LIE' Movie Review

Updated | August 12, 2017 07:39 IST

Movie : Lie (2017)
Star Cast : Nithin, Arjun, Megha Akash
Director : Hanu Raghavapudi
Producer : 14 Reels Entertainment
Releasing on : 11 August 2017
Rating : 3/5

Tollywood Handsome Hunk, Nithiin, and director Hanu Raghavapudi have created the sensation with stylish and sleek LIE teaser. Now the film, LIE is releasing today across the globe amid huge expectations.Let’s see whether they repeat the same sensation at the box office or not.

Story : Nithiin(Sathyam) whose goal is to go to the USA and marry a rich girl and earn dollars whereas Chaitra(Megha Akash), has a goal to marry a man who can fulfill her all dreams.Besides, she has special quality i.e. stingy. Both these travel together to the USA as per the God's wish. On the other end, Indian Police start hunting for the Master of Disguise(Arjun).How Sathyam and Chaitra’s journey has finally ended? Is there any connection between Master of Disguise and their journey? Does their world collide with Master of Disguise?  If so, how? To know, you’ve to watch LIE.

Precisely, LIE is a hunt for Master of Disguise, Arjun.

Analysis : The title LIE itself depicting what it contains? Love, Intelligence, and Enemity. Yes,the film is blended of all these emotions in an intriguing and intense way. The film, LIE is director Hanu Raghavapudi’s film.Based on the journey of his last two films including LIE, the director is fond of romantic action thrillers.His last film, Krishnagaadi Veera Prema Gaadha also contained love between the lead pair followed by the thriller concept.

Here, LIE also blends of the above-said qualities besides an intelligent game between the lead actors.The director has done cent per cent justice and he executed the film with the perfect blend of love, suspense, and intelligence.The way he disclosed the twist is a perfect bang to the interval.Right from the beginning,the way the director has driven the plot without giving any scope for the audience to guess what sort of surprise element he has in the store.

From the interval bang, he has taken the second half to next level with the intense intelligent game between the lead actors till the end.He is not only brilliantly written the script but also executed. Especially, Arjun’s role is wonderfully executed.At first, everyone feels, how silly it is the police are going to crack the case with the help of the coat and the story revolves around that coat. All this feeling is slowly out of mind and the director keeps us sit tightly when the lead actor started thinking of why Master Disguise is giving that much priority to the coat, which means he made us travel along with lead character and think like him.  

The writing of LIE is the mark of the director’s brilliance.Because he wrote the script that those who are watching definitely connect to either Nithiin or Arjun’s character, which is truly a brilliant writing. Whatever in his mind is intensely and intriguingly put on the big screen.The director Hanu Raghavapudi has got all the incredible work from the actors as well as the technical team.The back ground score of Manisharma is as usual outstanding.The songs and its picturization also pretty good. In picturization, the work of  Cinematographer is laudable. With his fabulous work, he made entire film looks rich and stylish.The stunt choreography also good. The production values of 14 Reels Entertainment live up to their standards. 

In this director’s film, Action King, Arjun’s stylish villainy act is the highlight of the film.He is an asset to the film and has done the terrific job.Handsome Hunk, Nithiin has portrayed a different role in his career, which is new and contrasts to the previous performances. His performance is refreshing and in some scenes, his subtle performance scores high along with Arjun’s.

As Chaitra, Megha Akash is cute and beautiful. She has played her part nicely and neatly. The other actors including Ravi Kishan, Srikanth etc., have done justice to their respective roles. Coming to negative points, despite Manisharma’s songs are good but they became speed breakers mainly in the second half. 

During the intense game between the lead actors, the songs became obstacles in the flow of the play.And it would be nice if the director put the episode of Arjun Master of Disguise performing Indian Traditional Rope Magic. In the film, the director has uttered of Arjun’s one last show.It has some logic less stuff too, especially when Indian agent has killed Arjun’s men publicly in back to back incidents. 

At a certain point, Ravi Kishan said that FBI has got doubt and warned Nithiin to change the place.And also Jordan blast, where Indian agent, Ravi Kishan is hurt.The USA is not an ordinary country when a blast occurred in their nation followed by serial killings by Indian  Special Agents. There is scope to involve FBI team too but the director continued the plot with intense stuff. Likewise, some logics missed.

Totally, LIE is an intense, intelligent and refreshing game, which is not a regular cinema.

Positive Points:
Hanu Raghavapudi direction, Action King Arjun, Nithiin
Simple beauty of Megha Akash
Manisharma background score and songs, Cinematography
Second Half
Negative Points:
Despite songs are good, these became speed breakers during the intense and intelligent game in the second half.
Few Logics missed as above mentioned but the intense stuff makes you feel negligible.
LIE is a refreshing, intense and intelligent. LIE has wonderful performances of Arjun, Nithiin followed by the brilliant writing of director, Hanu Raghavapudi. LIE is not a regular commercial film.

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