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'Meda Medha Abbayi' Movie Review

Updated | September 9, 2017 08:12 IST

movie : Meda Medha Abbayi
Release date : September 8, 2017
Director : G Prajith
Producer : Boppana Chandra Sekhar
Music Director : Shaan Rahman
Starring : Allari Naresh, Nikhila Vimal
Rating : 2/5

Prince of Comedy, Allari Naresh has come up with Meda Meda Abbayi, a remake of Malayalam film ‘Oru Vadakkan Selfie‘ by keeping away the routine spoof comedy entertainers. Let’s see whether Meda Medha Abbayi put Allari Naresh on success track or not.

Story : Indians are the most addicted ones to selfie on earth. There are many who lost their lives in taking adventurous selfies. Every day, there is a single selfie death reported in the newspaper. The crux point of Meda Medha Abbayi is related to a selfie. Here there is no such stuff leads to death but created a lot of problems to Srinu(Allari Naresh).

Srinu(Allari Naresh) who is fond of films leaves to Hyderabad from his village to become a director. But a selfie with Sindhu(Nikila), point to be noted without her notice, during train creates a lot of stir in his life.  What kind of troubles did he face with the selfie? How he comes out of that mess?

To know, you’ve to watch Meda Medha Abbayi.

Analysis : In the film, Meda Medha Abbayi, Allari Naresh has given a decent performance which is completely different from his regular spoof comedies. His performance is in a balanced way and neat. Allari Naresh has done justification to his role.

After Allari Naresh, Jabardasth Comedian, Aadhi scored high with his trademark punches. Both Allari Naresh and Aadhi combo is good. Especially, Aadhi will become another Santhanam in Tollywood like how the top Kollywood comedian writes his own dialogues and punches to his roles in the films if his role got strong scenes.

The female lead, Nikila is simple and looks like a girl next door. She performed her part within the limits nicely. All the other actors including Avasarala Srinivas are okay in their respective roles.

The film, Meda Medha Abbayi is mediocre in technical aspects nothing alluring right from the cinematography, the editing to the production values. Except for few songs, the music of Shaan Rahman also okay.

There is no such engaging stuff in Meda Medha Abbayi. Only happiness to the fans that Allari Naresh is come out of the spoof comedy and delivered himself on the screen.  The Malayalam director’s point of how selfie creates problems in a good one but the execution is very poor.

There are no strong scenes or episodes to give substantial support to his intention. Only a few punches of Jabardasth Aadhi blasted, remaining all went in vain because no strong scenes as said above. There are a lot of silly things in this comedy entertainer right from the love track between the lead pair. The love track is unjustifiable and unconvinceable. It seems the director only concentrated on Aadhi punches rather than the story and comedy.

If it is the same story which becomes hit in Malayalam, it’s really shocking. This Malayalam director has executed the film very poorly and slow in pace. He has to update to Tollywood environment. In the film, Avasarala Srinivas character is not properly utilized. There are a lot of nonsense in this film.

Meda Medha Abbayi tests your patience with boring, unexciting and pale comedy, love and suspense track.

Positive Points:
Allari Naresh, Aadhi
Some punches between Naresh and Aadhi
Few songs of Shaan Rahman
Negative Points:
Weak Story and poor execution
No comedy
lagged, boring and unexciting stuff
The director has done very ordinary job
Meda Medha Abbayi offers new Naresh which is completely away from his routine regular spoof performances and the punches of Jabardasth Aadhi. Except for few episodes of Allari Naresh and Aadhi, there is nothing in Meda Medha Abbayi.