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Mental problems with Sugar

Updated | July 31, 2017 10:12 IST

Those who consume sugar in high quantities have more chance of getting psychological problems. It is proved in the recent study. Everyone is aware, consuming more sugar results in teeth decay and the increase of fat around the waist. The researchers of   University College London who made the study on more than 8000 people have disclosed that the mental problems will occur in excessive sugar consumers. It has been noted that in the long run these changes are associated with moods. They were examined from 1985 to 1988. After that, the researchers made them complete the question papers. Later they tried to figure out the relationship between psychological problems like depression, anxiety and the consuming more sugar.

It is proved that those who take sweet items and drinks in high quantities will suffer from psychological problems after five years whereas those who take sugar in fewer quantities or occasionally are mentally strong and healthy. But the scientists didn’t consider the sugar quantity in alcohol during their research. Besides, some raising doubts on the occurrence of psychological problems based on the dietary analysis. Some questioning on the sugar content in the naturally consuming food.  Yet the researchers have to prove the role of Sugar in causing depression.

One thing is true, eating sugar in fewer quantities prevents us from teeth decay and overweight of the body.


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