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“Nagaram” Movie Review

Updated | March 11, 2017 03:50 IST

Name: Nagaram
Production: AKS Entertainment, Potential Studios
Starring: Sundeep Kishan, Sri, Regina Cassandra, Charlie, Ramdoss, Madhu Sudhan and others
Cinematography: Selva Kumar
Music: Javed Riaz
Story & Direction: Lokesh Kanagaraj
Release Date: 10 March, 2017
Rating: 3/5

This movie is based on the convergence of different unrelated events taking place in one city. We have seen movies like Vedam and Journey which tried to produce a hollywood scale film. This is a similar tamil language film starring Sundeep Kishan which was released to the telugu audiences this Friday. This story is based on how the events that happen elsewhere affect the lives of completely different people. The director shows how the stories of four different characters get interlinked through a coincidental chain affect and come to a single end.

There is telugu song ‘Town Pakka Kelladu ro Dingiri’ that warns the audiences of the crimes and atrocities that happen in cities. A city is a combination of good and bad. The image a city holds up is purely based on the behaviour of the people living in it. This film tell the audiences that our behaviour as individuals should be how we want our home place to be perceived by others. The story can’t be expressed in a particular way. Explaining the different events that happen and the chain events that proceed might provide a glimpse of the story the film portrays. Sundeep (Sundeep Kishan)is an irresponsible and carefree personality in Chennai city who is in love with a girl named Regina (Regina Cassandra) since their childhood. She works as a HR Manager at a software company and avoids Sundeep due to his irresponsible nature and lectures him on getting a job and being responsible. While sundeep is in the process of finding a job, a boy who got rejected by Regina for his love proposal tries to attack her with acid. Sundeep confronts him and attacks him using the same acid. The boy and his friends plan on getting Sundeep kidnapped by a kidnapping batch for revenge. They mistake Karthik (Sri), a software engineer from Nellore who works at Regina’s office, to be Sundeep and beat him up and throw a file containing his certificates into a cab. The cab driver (Charlie) is another person who came to the city for the medical treatment of his son. An innocent man (Ramdoss) who came to the city in search of employment joins the kidnapping batch and kidnaps the wrong child on the orders of his boss. The kidnapped boy is the son of the city’s most feared criminal and businessman (Madhu Sudhan). The villain mistakes Sundeep for kidnapping his son as he was responsible for getting him home… The kidnapping batch mistakes the villain’s rowdies for beating up Karthik… The cab driver enters a life-and-death situation admits the rowdies… The innocent man gets caught up with the police… The rest of the story unravels in a situational manner and the film revolves around how this happens.

The situations and events surrounding the story is more impotent than the story itself. The first few scenes start out with a story. The film then proceeds to the events happening to four unrelated people and ends with bringing the story and events together in a thrilling manner with occasional twists. The movie didn’t use much filming sets, locations and makeup. The janata bars and the kidnappers’ den were shown frequently. The characters are portrayed naturally and the emotions weren’t too intense. The same goes for the dialogues. In some cases the simultaneous story shifts and plot twists lead to confusion. The film mostly proceeds in a serious manner but the role of the innocent man who joins the kidnappers adds comedic value. All the songs are situational and story related. The climax is filled with tension but seemed to be a bit stretched. The stereotypic ending to the characters isn’t very satisfying. The script should have been modified to provide less confusion and better clarity of the happening events.

Actor Performances:
The acting by Sundeep Kishan, Regina, Sri, Ramdoss, Madhu Sudhan and Charlie were completely natural and realistic. The director deserves high praise for the concept of the film. Even the camera work was designed to showcase a natural portrayal. The director based the story on the events and vice-versa. The film had excellent editing.

Plot Twists
Background Events
Actor Performances

Slow Narration

Final Verdict: A creative and diversified film.