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“Nara Lokesh is more than ash tray less than dust bin”- Roja - Tollybeats

“Nara Lokesh is more than ash tray less than dust bin”- Roja

Updated | July 13, 2017 16:10 IST

The war of words between Roja and Nara Lokesh became intense and intriguing on corruption.  AP, IT Minister, Nara Lokesh has responded to the comments of Roja during YCP Plenary meeting which held recently in Guntur.

The AP Minister said YCP is making allegations on him with sheer jealous and such kind of people will always be there in politics. Nara Lokesh who said their family is the first one in the history of politics which disclosed assets has questioned why they are not coming for the public discussions on the allegations of corruption. 

On Nara Lokesh’ comments, Roja responded in style by calling him as Pappu. She also commented that Nara Lokesh is more than ash tray and less than dust bin. YCP Leader said this Pappu always invited to come for the public discussions if anything talked about their corruption. She questioned why they haven’t asked YS Jagan for discussions on the corruption allegations instead of putting him behind the bars and lodged cases against him to the CBI.


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