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'Nene Raju Nene Manthri ' Movie Review

Updated | August 11, 2017 15:51 IST

Movie : Nene Raju Nene Manthri
Cinematography : Venkat C. Dileep
Music director : Anup Rubens
Editing : Kotagiri Venkateswara Rao
Producer : Daggubati Suresh Babu
Written and Directed by : Teja
Release date : 11 August 2017
Rating : 2.75/5

The most talented, Rana Daggubati and the director Teja’s Nene Raju Nene Manthri has released Today. Let’s see whether the film, Nene Raju Nene Manthri will dominate box office like the Rana did in the promotions. 

Story : Nene Raju Nene Manthri is the journey of a Radha Jogendra from a small Pawnbroker to the Chief Minister. Jogendra(Rana) is a pawnbroker whose world is Radha(Kajal Aggarwal). He named himself after his wife as Radha Jogendra to replicate his unflinching love on Radha.  A tragic incident which not only shakes Jogendra’s happy life but also made him decide strongly to start the political journey. What is that incident? Finally, where Jogendra’s political journey has ended?

To know, you’ve to watch Radha Jodendra’s journey on big screen.

Analysis : As Rana Daggubati said in promotions, it is the journey of Radha Jogendra. As Radha Jogendra, Rana Daggubati has done a fantastic job and projected the character on screen with realistic emotions, which made us travel along with the role. And at the same time, he projected Tollywood heroism too whenever the situation demanded.

Here, we travel along with Radha Jogendra and we witness all his positive and negative shades. It is really first success that Rana made us travel along with the role instead of Rana. He single-handedly carried the whole movie as Raju and Manthri. After Rana, the actress Kajal Aggarwal also got a meaty role to perform after a long time as Radha. The political journey of Jogendra starts because of her and ends with her. She has done the brilliant job.

The all other actors Sivaji Raja, Posani Krishna Murali, Prabhas Sreenu, Navdeep, Josh Ravi, Ajay and Ashutosh Rana has some good roles and done justice to their respective roles. Almost every role has importance and every role gets identification under the shade of Jogendra. All these roles not only part of Jogendra’s journey but also influences.  Teen Maar News, Bithiri Sathi also generated some laughs with his modulation.  Amid the intense political drama, Posani and Prabhas sreenu comedy also ignite laughter at regular intervals.

The latest happening beauty, Catherine Tresa also got a good role to perform as Devika Rana, TV Reporter and owner of Focus TV.  Especially, she performs nicely when cheating Jogendra to get the love of him. In the scene, she knows that she is hurting Jogendra but consoling herself that whatever doing it for the love of Jogendra.

In Nene Raju Nene Manthri, each and every actor shines in their respective role. Coming to technical aspects, the main highlights of the film are dialogues and Anup Rubens background score. His background score elevated the scenes to next level. In some scenes, his background score gives goosebumps, especially in pre-climax and climax. 

The director, Teja has come back strongly. With all his experience, the way he questioned the current political scenario and the mindset of people are superb. Whatever director Teja disclosed at the end is the introspection of every educated person. He cent percent disclosed the mindset of a common man and politician. The director Teja has equally maintained the tempo of the film right from the beginning to the end. In the first half, Teja has showcased the single handed game of Jogendhra without any obstacles but in the second half, he counters Jogendra character with all the leads the lead actor leaves in the first half.

The killing of Navdeep because of Jogendra’s fastly mistaken nature followed by Devika Rani’s, Navdeep brother’s role’s betrayal and the bringing back Ajay, suspended CI character as SP in the second half. At the same time, Teja beautifully showed how bad grows quickly is fell down at the same speed with Jogendra character besides showing how the good grows slowly and keeps you stand tall with Radha character.

The director Teja has followed the same pattern in the execution how he highlights Jogendra character followed by Radha character in the second half.  The director Teja’s dialogues especially the Telugu idioms blasted like a bomb in theaters and everyone enjoying them. The climax dialogues not only depicted the current worst situation of politics but also an eye-opener.  Whatever the dialogues in the climax are with realistic essence.

In NRNM, there are some loop holes but the intense drama doesn’t give any chance to think of it followed by the realistic climax episode. The director Teja has justified the plot of Nene Raju Nene Manthri as per each dialogue.  Each and every dialogue content has justified in the film. Mainly, the dialogue Naa Chaavu Naa Chethilone vundhi alane Mee Chavu Naa Chettilone Vundhe( My death will come as per wish as well as yours’ in my hands). In the climax, not only he kills crooked politicians but also kills himself.

The director Teja who has given a wonderful message to think while voting instead of casting your respective votes in the name of creed, religion, sentiment, and sympathy etc., has killed the politicians by taking the cinematic liberty. Despite their blasting also justified as per Jogendra’ earlier warning but it would be nice if he has given some suggestion how legally or jurisdiction vise we can sack these politicians.

Whatever it may be, Nene Raju Nene Manthri is an intense political drama which makes you think about the current political scenario in the nation. Teja’s daring move to kill Jogendra character at the end based on the story is a daring thing and deserved applause for this gutsy move and movie.

Positive Points:
Rana Daggubati, director Teja dialogues, and writing
Kajal Aggarwal, Catherine and all the other star cast including Posani, Josh Ravi, and Prabhas Sreenu etc.,
Anup Rubens back ground music
The first half of Jogendra’s super ride followed by second half with emotional content and whistle worthy climax and dialogues.
First time in Tollywood may be, the director Teja has given justification to each and every dialogue uttered by Jogendra visually in the film. Even Jogendra’s self-hanging episode too as per the dialogues my death will come as per my wish.
Teja beautifully showed how bad grows quickly is fell down at the same speed with Jogendra character besides showing how the good grows slowly and keeps you stand tall with Radha character.
Negative Points:
Despite there is some logic less stuff, the intense drama and performances of the actors and the dialogues made you forget.
‘Nene Raju Nene Manthri’ is an intense, emotional and thought provoking political drama. The performances of Rana, Kajal Aggarwal followed by the execution and dialogues of director Teja not makes you sit tightly but also gives goose bumps in pre-climax