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“Neno Rakam” Movie Review

Updated | March 19, 2017 01:55 IST

Movie Name: Neno Rakam
Production: Bhavya Entertainments
Starring: Ram Shankar, Sarath Kumar, Reshmi Menon, Aditya Menon, Giri, MS Narayana, Viva Harsha and others
Music: Mahit Narayan
Screenplay & Direction: Sudershan Salendra
Producer: Srikanth Reddy
Release Date: March 17, 2017
Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

A decade has passed since the director Puri Jagannath introduces his brother Sai Ram Shankar into the film industry. Even now he hasn’t been able to establish himself as a star hero. The only film he gained vast recognition for was ‘Bumper Offer’. This film, Neno Rakam, is the first to come out after he changed his screen name to Ram Shankar. This is a movie directed by Sudershan Salendra, brought to us by Vamsidhar Reddy and produced by Srikanth Reddy. The actor Sarath Kumar also plays a vital role in the film. The trailer was captivated the masses when it was released. Let’s look at the film.

Story: The story revolves around how the life of the protagonist is sent spiraling, when a young person deals with a problem in an illegal manner. Gautam (Ram Shankar), a finance recovery agent, falls in love with Swecha (Resmi Menon), at first sight. Gautam gains her attention and for a moment she too falls in love with him. When she is coming to Gautam to tell him of her feelings, she gets kidnapped right in front of his eyes. The kidnapper (Sarath Kumar) calls Gautam and blackmails him to do as he says for Swecha. Gautam is forced to deliver Rs.10 crores in a bag to an MLA. He is also led into a brothel house in search for Swecha and is given a target to kill. Meanwhile, a police encounter specialist suspects Gautam and tails him. Will Gautam commit the murder? Will he escape the encounter specialist? Will he rescue Swecha? The rest of the movie will answer these questions.

Analysis: This film shows the plight of girls who get cheated in the name of love by linking the situation to the kidnapping. The title starts out with the hero running and narrates his story in the backdrop. This creates interest and captivates the audiences. But the same tempo is not maintained after the film starts. The first parts revolves around the love track of the film and the story unravels in the second part. The interest levels decrease through the first half due to the un-necessary comedy and love elements. The story feels dragged and doesn’t impress. The real storyline starts after the heroin gets kidnapped and the tempo rises up again and grabs attention. The director managed to thrill the audience with the second half. The maker tried to put out a good moral through the story but failed to present it properly. The duets in the first half weren’t so good but the slow songs in the second half were proficient. The background score by the music director Mahit Narayan and the cinematography by Siddarth Ramaswamy were excellent.

Actor Performances: Ram Shankar’s performance was filledn with enthusiasm and energy. The overall act and fights and songs could have been improved. Reshmi Menon’s acting was acceptable. The role and performance of Sarath Kumar deserves high praise. His role gave the film an added advantage.
This is one of the last films MS Narayana has acted in before his death. His appearance adds entertainment to the film.

Plus Points:
Enthusiastic Performance by Sai Shankar
Role of Sarath Kumar
Thrill in the Second Half

Negative Points:
Routine Love Track
Unwanted Comedy
Lack of Emotional Drama

Final Verdit: A thrilling film with a routine story and comedy.