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Newest Medicine for the Breast Cancer

Updated | August 20, 2017 11:50 IST

Lakhs of Women have been suffering from the dreadful breast cancer. The life expectancy of those women has been increasing through different therapies and medicines. Due to the radiation from therapies, they’ve been facing new problems like hair fall, body weakness etc.,

Based on the medical bulletin, Scientists have discovered an effective molecule that can be used to treat breast cancer. A team of researchers at the University of Texas South Western Simmons Cancer Center in the USA has revealed that their new discovery of medicine is helpful for those patients who lack benefits and suffering from the conventional therapies such as Hormone therapy.

The Separate molecule called ERX-11 is said to be able to remove the cancer tumors in the breast. This newest medicine is likely to be some sort of a huge relief to the sufferers of breast cancer.


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