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Real Estate developers enjoying the IT revolution

Updated | June 18, 2017 19:02 IST

Post IT revolution in India, the real estate developers and the agents have been enjoying the fruits rather than the engineers. The starting salary of an engineer has not been changed since from 2000. “In 2017 also, the initial salary of an engineer is three lakhs, no change or growth since from 2000,” said Former Karnataka Secretary, Vivek Kulkarni.

Coming to real estate, it is not same today as of a decade back. E.g.  Today you’ve to pay 8-10 times more for the same type of apartment/building/villa which you bought in the year 2000. IT revolution has brought the drastic change in the lives of real estate developers mostly. Whatever the fruits of  IT revolution have gone to real estate, not to the engineers.

Kulkarni, founder of Brick India said that rich IT Companies were spending more money on building IT centers instead of training the employees. He wanted the IT companies to do a bit more for the employees. Former Karnataka IT secretary revealed that IT has changed drastically and no need for the people to go more on software coding. It’s really a challenge for Indian IT Companies which haven’t invested in new technologies.

He wanted the colleges and universities to deliver skillful IT professionals rather than introducing them to the global market as scraps, which automatically kills the confidence of them. So, right from the curriculum, we’ve design best standards for the students which help in developing the skills which needful for the IT world. With this, no need to spend more time in training after the recruitment. So there is a big need for retooling the skills of IT engineers. Kulkarni also said that Indian IT companies are not doing essential high-end work.

He wanted the Indian companies to expand their presence in the key markets as the USA doesn’t have IT talent, which would need to provide by India. He wanted to grab the opportunities across the globe especially in Europe countries like France where there is a lot of scope for the IT industries instead of limiting only to the USA.

Indian Prime Minister’ tour across the globe opening wider range markets for Indian IT companies and professionals. So we have to grab the opportunities. He wanted cash-rich Indian companies to need to acquire overseas firms though they have become expensive in recent times.

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