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Real Estate In Revival Mode

Updated | March 25, 2017 00:16 IST

In comparison with the previous year, the real estate sector is again showing signs of revival in 2017. Through the introduction of regulations such as RERA, Benami Transaction Prohibition, REITS, GST, there is a prospect of long-term growth .In 2017 the Govt is expected to provide some relief for the Real estate sector and its stakeholders.

These regulations along with low inflation proposals such as deduction in profit for affordable housing, interest rate subsidies for first-time home buyers and reduction of total interest rates would change the very contours of the real estate in 2017. With the recent demonetization the affordable housing segment is benefited as compared to the luxury housing segment since this Segment comes under the category of individuals who are dependent on housing loans for transactions. The fall in interest rates would further lead to the growth of affordable housing, which would be visible in the longer term.

It is quite visible that 2017 would be a year of better chances for commercial development, as the government has finally taken a big step to get rid of, the state of the policy paralysis, India has been fighting for a long time. As a result, the Indian real estate sector will be stronger, healthier and able to provide long-term sustainable growth with adequate political and regulatory support.