Sunday January 20, 2019
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RGV disappointed his fans

Updated | January 26, 2018 18:21 IST

Hyderabad : Ram Gopal Varma's next – God Sex And Truth has grabbed eyeballs since the filmmaker announced that he is collaborating with pornstar Mia Malkova.

The filmmaker RGV has announced that The Film will release here on today at 9 Am, but due to heavy traffic the video will not be opened and fans were frustrated to watch the movie.

In this regard, RGV tweeted that, "I am told by @strikeforcegst the producers of #GodSexTruth that due to heavy traffic, expect loading time delays of the video for the first few hours."

in his second Tweet, "Due to heavy traffic of wanting to watch @MiaMalkova 's #GodSexTruth #strikeforcegst is upgrading which will cause a delay ..Will update when done".