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“Rogue” Movie Review

Updated | March 31, 2017 04:57 IST

Movie Name:Rogue
Production: Tanvi Films
Starring: Ishaan, Mannara Chopra, Angela Krislinzki, Ali Basha, Ajaz Khan, Thakur Anoop Singh
Music: Sunil Kashyap
Screenplay & Direction: Puri Jagannadh
Producer: C.R. Manohar, C.R. Gopi
Release Date: March 31, 2017
Rating: 2.75 / 5.0

With Temper, sensational director PuriJagan has seemed to be back on success track, but his later films failed to create an impact at the box office. Now Puri has come up with a youthful romantic actioner Rogue by introducing Ishaan to Telugu Film Industry. Let’s see whether Puri made a comeback with Rogue or not.

Story: When comes to the story of Rogue, Chanti(Ishan), careless youth who gets betrayed in love by Commissioner’s sister(Anjela) has developed the opinion on all women as cheaters. Chanti who comes to know that a cop has lost his legs(paralyzed) due to one of his tussles has decided to stand by for the cop’s family.

Meanwhile, a psycho(Thakur Anoop Singh) comes into the picture and targets Mannara Chopra(Anjali), sister of the paralyzed cop.  Why Psycho targets Anjali? How Chanti rescues Anjali? Does Chanti fell in love with Anjali? To know answers, you’ve to go for Puri’s Rogue.

Analysis: Undoubtedly, director PuriJagan is the King of Hero makeovers. He has successfully proved it many times right from Superstar Mahesh to Jr NTR. His trademark heroism is phenomenal and no doubt in it that every hero dies to watch themselves in Puri style.

Ishan, who is fortunate enough to get introduced by Puri has impressed a lot with his screen presence as well as ease in body language. It is really an impressive debut for Ishan and it’s really dream come true for him. Especially his ease in performance and stunts is pretty good.Coming to female leads, Mannara Chopra has done her best in Rogue. Particularly, the way she has performed in her introduction song as café singer unveiled her passion for acting.  Her lip sink to the song has created an impact that she has originally rendered it. She has been impressive throughout the film whatever the scope she has in. The other female lead AnjelaKrislinzki is beautiful and her role in the film is just like an extended cameo.

All the other actors have played their part quite nicely and neatly. Star Comedian Ali tried his best to lit up with his comedy.  In Rogue, as an antagonist, Psycho, Thakur Anup Singh has impressed a lot and done a wonderful job. In the second half, especially last half an hour, he totally carried away the plot on his shoulders. His performance added more entertainment to the Rogue and the people are enjoying a lot. It’s going to be an unforgettable role to Amigo, Thakur Anoop Singh.

Rogue is pretty good in technical aspects. The cinematography is one of the major highlights of the film besides the background score. Sunil Kashyap’s songs in Rogue are as per the plot and nicely choreographed. PuriJagan’s dialogues on women have got the good reception from the audience and his dialogues are as usual depicting the current scenario of living in the society. But not powerful if the dialogues compared to his previous films. And it is too much to expect more powerful dialogues for the film of a debut hero.

PuriJagan who has driven the plot with his trademark energy and aroma in the first half has out of the track in second half. Rogue seems to be ended up in its first half itself but he continued the plot by blending some silly scenes like kidnapping all ages of women with Anjali name by the psycho despite the whole police force against him. Subsequently, kidnapping anchor from a live TV Show and a warning to cops. Despite these scenes are silly and logic less generated entertainment for a certain extent. Whenever Puri film hits the theaters, there have huge expectations. Puri who has given sensational hits to stars and Superstars is been surprisingly failed to meet the expectations which set by him.

Positive Points:
Ishaan, Thakur Anoop Singh, Mannara Chopra
DOP, background score
First Half,
Trend set in filming romantic songs

Negative Points:
Second Half which is blended up with silly and illogical things
It seems Puri concentrated more on the hero characterization rather than the plot.

Conclusion: Rogue is a routine love story with the partial touch of PuriJagan. The film has entertainment for certain extent with the silly plot in second half. You may try if you are the ardent lover of PuriJagan’s work.