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“Sivalinga”Movie Review

Updated | April 15, 2017 03:43 IST

Movie Name: Sivalinga
Cast: Raghava Lawrence, Ritika Singh, Shakthi, Vadivelu, Radharavi, Bhanupriya, Urvashi and Jayaprakash
Direction: P Vasu
Producer: R Ravindran
Music Director: SS Thaman
Release Date: April 14
Genre: Horror Thriller
Rating: 2.75/5

 Actor cum Director, Raghava Lawrence who become the successful brand ambassador for the horror-comedy genre has come up with another horror comedy, Sivalinga.  Let’s  take a look at Sivalinga movie review whether the film has joined the league of successful films’ or not.

Story: CBCID Officer, Sivalingeswar(Lawrence) is given a mysterious murder case to solve by the officials. While Lawrence is working on this mysterious murder case has married to Sathya Bhama(Ritika Singh). Sivalingeswar’ happy wedding life takes an unexpected turn as his wife gets possessed by the soul.

Why is Sathya Bhama possessed? Who soul is this? Is there any connection between the murder case, Sathya Bhama, and the soul? How he solved the case and protected his wife from the soul? To know the answers to all these questions, you’ve to watch Shivalinga.

Analysis: Raghava Lawrence is truly become the successful brand ambassador for the horror comedy genre. The proof is Muni franchise. He has brought three films from the Muni franchise including Kanchana and Ganga. All the films turned into most profitable ventures and he himself set standards for the horror genre.

In Sivalinga, Lawrence, as usual, rocked with his performance as an Officer and it is obvious, being a choreographer to rock with his dances.  As Satya Bhama, Ritika has performed well. Mainly she is too good in expressions when the soul is possessed. She has done the wonderful job in dances. She amazingly matched the speed of Lawrence in Rakkara song. Ritika as a dancer also scored pretty well.

All the other actors have done justification to their roles. Especially, the comedy episodes in the combination of Lawrence and Star Comedian, Vadivelu has entertained the audience for certain extent despite familiar comedy track.

For the first time, Veteran Actress, Urvashi replaced Kovai Sarala as the mother of Lawrence in Sivalinga. Urvashi has played her part well but her scenes in the combination of Lawrence hasn’t created that much impact as of Kovai Sarala and Lawrence done in the previous horror films. Because they both became most laugh rioting and adorable onscreen mother and son in the horror genre.

Anyway, Urvashi has tickled your funny bones in some scenes with Lawrence. When coming to technicalities, the cinematography of Sarvesh Murari and the background music of Thaman is very impressive. Thaman has elevated the scenes with background music mainly in the second half. But the songs are okay because of its Tamil essence.

The Captain of the Ship, director P Vasu has nicely and smartly executed the plot without revealing the suspense till the end. Right from the beginning, the director hooks the audience to the plot. The way he maintains the suspense till the end is pretty impressive. And he nicely blended the horror in this investigative thriller. Despite the director maintained the excitement nicely till the end, there are few lows also there.

Sivalinga has no sudden shocks or scary elements to thrill or terrify like Muni franchise. The director seems more concentrated to drive the plot with the intriguing investigation rather than horror elements. Post revealing the suspense, you may come to the feel that the actual truth in the murder mystery is not so strong like how the story and plot travels.  Besides, there are few weak scenes and unnecessary comedy scenes between Lawrence and Vadivelu in the second half. The first half is little dragged with some unnecessary stuff and the actual plot begins in the second half. Later on, you will travel with the intense stuff of Sivalinga.

Positive Points: Story and the plot,P Vasu direction
SS Thaman Back Ground Music and Cinematography
Lawrence, Ritika Singh
Second Half

Negative Points: There are no such horror elements to scare when compared to Lawrence previous films.
SongsThe slow pace of narration in the first half.

Conclusion: Shivalinga is a decent horror investigative thriller with exciting stuff till the end. It worth your penny.