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Some Big Names of Tollywood Heroes excluded from Drugs case

Updated | July 15, 2017 13:04 IST

The entire Tollywood shook after some heroes, directors, technicians, and producers were involved in the Drugs case. Based on the drug dealer, Kelvin calls and Whatsapp list, the SIT officers have sent notices to the people in Tollywood.

On notices, some responded and some stars like Mumaith Khan, Nandhu etc, were wanted everyone to get confirmed before spreading the speculations on them. They confirmed that they didn’t receive any notices. Navadeep who received the notice said that he will attend before the SIT and clarify everything. He expressed that his number may be reached to Kelvin because of an event manager who has linked with this drug dealer.

On drugs case, BJP Yuva Morcha protested before Excise Office for shielding some big Tollywood star names. Speaking on the occasion, they said that the names of some big heroes have excluded from the drugs case.

And as per the Tollywood buzz, because of high-level pressure only, Akun Sabharwal is taking personal leave amid the case is at peak level. Some big Stars who run pubs have been protecting by the government to safeguard Hyderabad and Tollywood image, as per the buzz of Film Nagar.

BJP Yuva Morcha strongly sends a message that they continue their protest until the real culprits who behind this drugs case were convicted.


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