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Some Myths Regarding Romance

Updated | March 11, 2017 06:38 IST

Romance with all the fun, fascination as well as longing for lasting love, has its own shares of misconceptions and facts. All of us may vary regarding the definition of love and romance; but since love is one of the most powerful human emotions, it  in turn gives way to romance or adventure. Romance is bound by certain age old myths which usually despite their oft repeated recurrence have little or no semblance of truth.

Probably the most common beliefs about love and romance revolves around its association with marriage; with normal folks being under the perception that marital life makes for the permanence of romance. The dual ideas of romance and marriage should be delinked from another. Whereas romance or love is an manifestation of feelings; marriage has become the forms of social arrangement which does not actually make way for the permanence of romance.

Real love might make you acknowledge your partner just the way he or she actually is. But to declare love or romance is totally blind may turn out to be mythical. If your partner is actually endowed with a unpleasant trait, it may not be all that colorful through the eyes of romance and relationship.

It is usually held that absence long or short proves to be effective from the point of view of romance. But logically speaking; long absence may end up being detrimental for romance, bearing in mind the oft repeated saying – ‘Out of sight, out of mind’.

Another typical romantic myth involves the co relation of romance and physical passion. In case one goes for a romantic liaison with the only purpose of gratifying physical passions; then he/she is bound to become a failure. Romance could make way for physical passion, but partnership entered into with the single aim of satisfying lust, is likely to meet with failure.