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Tips to have romance at your Parents’ House

Updated | May 14, 2017 18:17 IST

During the holiday season, most of them have to travel a lot to visit family. To spend time with your parents is a good one, but some people may feel that they haven’t enjoyed their romance life at parents’ house because of different reasons including to share room or bed commonly.

Despite they’ve separate room also, some feel the noise come out during the romance which put them in a shameful situation when they encountered their parents later in the morning. 

Here are some tips to enjoy your sex life at your parents’ house too.

1. You’ve to accept to the situations and enjoy your love making game in a quiet manner. It definitely funny, you should try.

2. Sneak out and try to have romance in your car, or bushes or your neighbour’ attic.

3. You can try the old method, enjoy sex on the floor instead of having on the bed. Throw some pillows and blankets on the floor and enjoy your that moment to the core without any doubts or hesitation.

4. Switch on your TV or Radio to hide the beautiful and awkward sounds of your lovemaking from hearing your parents.

5. Enjoy and celebrate that X-moment in your bathroom under the shower. It not only excites you but also makes you enjoy to the core.