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Top sensual sex positions for romance which lasts forever

Updated | June 25, 2017 16:15 IST

Sex is the game where both the contestants taste the glory of success at the end. This is the only game which strengthens the bondage between two. Here are some top Sex positions for the sex that lasts forever.

Cupid’s bow and arrow :  To enjoy the delightful thrill in sex drive, some sex positions will give such ultimate thrill. Among such positions, Cupid’s bow and arrow are one.  Shift your position by sliding down one leg between his legs slowly when you’re on top of him. Grind against him instead of Up and Down thrusts. This gives you an amazing feel and you both enjoy it thoroughly. The enjoyment multiplies when both look at each other in eyes passionately.

Edge of Heaven : It will blow both of your minds away by edging. While he is laying on his bed, you enter between both of his legs and when he is in no mode to return. Slow the things down by looping your finger and thumb around the base of his stratum. Later press and tug it gently. When he pull out and you squeeze the tip of his pennis for 10 seconds. If you both stay really still, just breathe until you get it together. Both obsessed with each other on the verge of orgasm when you keep in tuning with him.

Valentine’ Crush : In this position of Up-Side down,  your butt towards the roof or top angle. Lay on the bed Upside down, welcome him from the back side, exactly like a doggy style.  If you both start in doggy style but don’t stay in that position because that’s not going to last too long. Gently lower yourself so you’re flat on the bed with him still inside you so he doesn’t slip out. Tilt your hips to control how deeply he goes as this tricky angle will buy both of you some more time.

Be Mine Makeout : This is just like the cinematic position of lovemaking. Turn on romantic music, light some candles and spread the room or the area with some sexy perfume. When all these entities intense your X-desire, both kiss each other passionately until your lips become sore with your clothes on.  You may feel that his pennis wants to meet your Y-thing.  Go ahead as your wish if you both feel that colliding of your bodies will make you relieve from the flames of X-desire.

Lover’s Lane : This is one of everlasting enticing invitation to your partner. There are different ways to invite your partner and enjoy the heavenly X-pleasure to the core.

1. Feed him with decadent treats post blindfold him.

2. You lay him down on a blanket for the sexy massage. Rub up his thighs and around his pennis. There is an important note, don’t go all in.

3.    Tell him in a sexy or gentle tone that you’re going to touch him only with your mouth.  Kiss your way up his inner arm, gently suck on his neck and earlobes, and lick your way up with his thighs. Next move on to his private parts, kiss him all over his pennis and balls, and finish with a slow, firmly lick up his shaft and give few tongue flicks the underside of his pennis right under the head and then circle your tongue around the head. Finally, kiss his mouth and invite him for the delightful X-meal that you are waiting for him in the room in less than three minutes.

4. The last one is getting naked and prepared for the ultimate X-battle.

 Source: Cosmopolitan

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