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'Ungarala Rambabu' Review

Updated | September 15, 2017 18:45 IST

Movie : Ungarala Rambabu (2017)
Star Cast : Sunil, Prakash Raj, Miya George
Director : Kranthi Madhav
Producer : Paruchuri Kireeti
Releasing on : September 15, 2017
Rating : 2/5

Actor, Sunil who is in desperate need to come back on success track has come up with comedy family entertainer Ungarala Rambabu. Let’s see whether the film has put the Sunil right on success track or not.

Story : Rambabu(Sunil) who born with a golden spoon has lost his wealth after the demise of his grand father. Later he who blindly follows Badam Baba(Posani) has decided to marry Savithri(Mia George) who entered into his life because of a cinematic situation and fell in love with Ungarala Rambabu like how every heroine in Telugu cinema loves the hero.

Interesting thing is, Savithri’s father, Ranganath Nayar(Prakash Raj)  who completely digested communist feelings in every breath and the entire village follows his ideology. How Ungarala Rambabu impresses Ranganath Nayar and holds the hand of Savithri? You’ve to watch the film on the screen. 

Analysis : In Ungarala Rambabu, all the actors have played their part nicely and neatly. Despite the film has great actors like Prakash Raj, there are no strong contentful scenes to elevate their performance. Frankly, to tell, all the actors tried their best to elevate the weak and pale scenes with their performance.

Sunil is as usual continued with the regular performance which has been continuing from the past few films. Especially, in the first half, his loud performance is boring and regular. And in the second half, loudness in the performance has diminished and the audience has enjoyed at least few scenes.

Mia Geroge is beautiful and played her part in this entertainer. Even though Prakash Raj has done justification to the role but the director failed to project into properly on the screen. Star Comedian Vennela Kishore generated few laughs.

The production values are good whereas the songs and editing work is ordinary. In the film, cinematographer only did his best.

The director Kranthi Madhav who have generated some feel good films like Onamalu and Malli Malli Idhi Rani Roju has completely confused in blending communism, humanism, capitalism(land acquisition of government) and love along with comedy elements. His confusion in the script not only left him clueless but also made the audience hopeless of expecting any engaging and entertaining stuff.

His intention of blending communism and humanism with true love is a good point. And it is not easy to merge all these ISMs with entertainment. That too, a comedy film. Due to its complexity, the director Kranthi Madhav unable to justify the script. Even he didn’t have some engaging stuff to keep the audience tight. Until the climax, the audience didn’t get the complete idea what Prakash Raj character is really fighting for. Because of the silly episodes and unexciting stuff, the important second half completely looked nonsense.

Because of this weak and boring stuff, people don't show interest in watching the film and they played with phones in theatres. Besides, songs also tested the patience levels of the audience, more.

Ungarala Rambabu is routine, boring and silly.

Positive Points:
There are no such positive points. Due to the weak episodes, the performances of the actors also silly.
Sunil, Prakash Raj, Vennela Kishore
Mia George
Negative Points:
Routine story
Poor execution
Ungarala Rambabu completely out of the track due to the complexity of the director’s thought of blending communism and humanism with love. It is regular and pale.