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'VIP 2' Movie Review

Updated | August 26, 2017 09:26 IST

Movie : VIP 2
Cast : Dhanush, Kajol, Amala Paul
Direction : Soundarya Rajinikanth
Music : Sean Roldan
Rating : 2/5

The sequel to Dhanush’s 2015 blockbuster hit, Raghuvaran B.Tech, ‘VIP 2’ has released today amid positive buzz. Let’s see, whether VIP 2 will re-create the magic of its sequel at the box office or not.

Story : VIP 2 is continuity to its sequel. In the former,  Raghuvaran’s struggles and challenges before and after the job. The story of the sequel is also nothing new from the former except Raghuvaran got married to his love of life, Amala Paul, extended their relationship from lovers to husband-wife.

In VIP 2, Raghuvaran gets a clash with Kajol, owner of one of the leading corporate construction giants whereas the same is in former also. The same struggles for the job and a clash with big industrialist in VIP 2 too. This time,Raghuvaran’s clash with Kajol, MD of Vasundhara Constructions. To know the reasons behind their clash and who finally won in it. You’ve to go for VIP 2.

Analysis : As Raghuvaran, Multi-talented actor, Dhanush has done as usual good job without missing the attitude of his from the former. His ease in body language and performance is rocking. No need to look for flaws when it comes to the performance of Dhanush. He always gives his best and repeated the same in VIP 2 too.

In this sequel, Raghuvaran’s clash is with ever gorgeous Kajol. As MD to a big corporate construction company, her stylish attitude followed by the arrogance is amazing. She has lived in her character as Vasundhara Parameswaran and done the brilliant job. All the other actors including Amala Paul and Samuthirakani has played their part nicely and neatly in their respective roles.

In VIP 2, both Kajol and Dhanush lifted the film with their wonderful performance. The actor, Dhanush who has penned story and dialogues for the film has impressed with the few dialogues but the story is routine to former. Only the actor has written first half nicely with some entertaining elements and the second half lacks powerful scenes which elevate the lead role. 

It has few scenes but needs better because these sort of confrontational scenes have seen in many films. Obviously, expected more powerful scenes when both incredible talents like Kajol and Dhanush are clashing on the big screen in the most important second half.

The director of the film, Soundarya Rajinikanth has done the screenplay for this sequel. As said above, she presented impressive first half as a director with entertaining elements when coming to the second half it lacks the powerful confrontational scenes and intriguing stuff to keep the audience sit tight.

Besides, Sean Ronald music and back ground score are not up to the mark when compared to the first part, neither enjoyable songs nor intense background score, which can elevate the scenes. The cinematography is okay. The production values are good.

All in all, Dhanush’s VIP 2 has the entertaining first half followed by the routine and predictable second half, which also lacks strong confrontational scenes. Besides, the climax is pale.

Positive Points:
Dhanush, Kajol
First half
Negative Points:
Regular story
Routine execution, mainly the second half.
Predictable plot
Weak Climax
Dhanush VIP 2 is not only the sequel to blockbuster Raghuvaran B.Tech but also repeated some same stuff in the second half. The lead actors, Dhanush and Kajol shines in their respective roles and it has entertaining first half.
VIP 2 is an ordinary sequel without much exciting and intriguing stuff to thrill.