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'Vivekam' Movie Review

Updated | August 24, 2017 16:56 IST

Movie : Vivekam
Production : Sathya Jyothi Films
Cast : Ajith Kumar, Akshara Haasan, Kajal Aggarwal, Vivek Oberoi
Direction : Siva
Screenplay ,Story : Siva
Music : Anirudh
Rating : 3 / 5

Amid huge expectations, Thala Ajith’s Vivekam has released extensively in Telugu and Tamil simultaneously today.  To know whether Vivekam has met the expectations, you’ve to go through the detailed review of the film.

Story : Ajay Kumar(Ajith) is the top agent in Counter Terrorism Squad. He is intelligent, powerful, smart and the expert in utilizing the advanced technology and its based weapons. Ajay is on a mission to crack down Natasha( brilliant hacker) who has the codes of a weapon drive. The codes of the weapon drive is an access to launch powerful plutonium bombs with the help of satellites. For Natasha(Akshara Haasan), along with 180 countries, terrorist organizations, Secret Service Societies are in the hunt, who have the codes. From CTS, Ajay also on a mission to crack down her before the terrorists got.

During this process, Sincere Ajay Kumar has been portrayed as the most wanted terrorist and became the target for 80 countries. Does Ajay get Natasha? Why is Ajay portrayed as the most wanted terrorist? Who portrayed Ajay a global terrorist? To know, you’ve to watch Siva and Thala Ajith’s Vivegam on the big screen.

Analysis : Vivekam is purely director Siva’s film. The way he executed the plot in an intense and intriguing way is truly remarkable. The director Siva has made his third collaboration with Thala Ajith is an unforgettable one and it is truly better than Veeram and Vedhalam.

The story of Vivekam is simple, which is, as usual, a revenge drama, but the backdrop taken for the story is really a tough one to execute. That too, with a huge star like Thala Ajith. The director Siva Kumar has executed it smartly. Right from the beginning to the end, the director has almost kept the pace up with an intelligent and smart game between protagonist and antagonist characters in the second half preceded by cracking down of Natasha in the first half

Both the characters know each other lows and highs. Based on them, director  Siva has played an excellent game between Ajith and Vivek Oberoi in the second half. Both first and second halves have a lot of intelligent and exciting drama to watch out for. Technically the film, Vivekam is extra ordinary.  Even the director Siva hasn’t missed the logic much.

He not only smartly executed the plot but also utilized the services of the technical team. The Cinematography is top notch. With his incredible work, the DOP has given International colors to the film. The stunts are high octane and intense especially the chase before the interval block. Nothing to say about the production values, they are in high standards.

Rockstar, Anirudh Ravichander’ background is one of the assets of the film. It is simply outstanding. Technically, Vivekam is brilliant as said above. Coming to the actor’s performance, hats off to Thala Ajith’s dedication and his transformation to the role.

The actor has many injuries like the film’s main dialogue, Never Ever Give Up, he never gives up and performs stunts of his own. Ajith has done all the stunts in Vivekam of his own like he does for every film. His bike stunts during interval episode are mind blowing. What can I say about the performance of Ajith? As Counter Terrorism Squad agent, he is stylish, dignified and powerful. He showcased every expression of smartness and rage. As a caring and loving husband too, done the incredible job.  Actress, Kajal Aggarwal has got another meaty role and done her justice. Especially the way, the director showcased the relation between Ajith and Kajal as wife and husband are clean. And also the Morse code has become an outstanding example of the depth of their relationship.

The director doesn’t skip anything in the film. For everything in Vivekam has the role to play. Mainly, the morse code scenes between Kajal and Ajith are the highlight, at the same time played a key role in key incidents of the film, Vivekam.

Despite Akshara Haasan role is small but effective. The first half of the film revolves around her character. Coming to the second half, the game of Vivek and Ajith is brilliant. As usual, Vivek once again impressed with his performance as a baddie in Vivekam after Krrish 2.  The actor, Karunakaran has become successful in generating laughter amid intense and powerful action drama.

All the other actors played their part nicely in the film. There is no film made flawless, it has its own flaws but no need to consider them seriously.

Positive Points:
Thala Ajith 
director Siva story and execution
Anirudh Ravichander background score, Cinematography
Action episodes mind-blowing bike chase before interval block
Morse code episodes between Ajith and Kajal
Vivek Oberoi, Kajal, 
Akshara Haasan
Negative Points:
There are few, no need to consider them seriously.
Vivekam is the brilliant show of Thala Ajith and director Siva. It has crispy, smart and intriguing execution followed by the amazing performance of Thala Ajith. Besides, Anirudh background score, high octane action episodes, cinematography etc., deserves a must watch.

Vivekam is a high octane, intriguing and intelligent action entertainer.