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'We are attempting to contact the IMAGE satellite' -NASA - Tollybeats

'We are attempting to contact the IMAGE satellite' -NASA

Updated | January 30, 2018 13:58 IST

Washington: US space agency NASA on Monday said that it's attempting to contact a satellite it lost more than a decade ago, after it was discovered possibly still alive by an amateur astronomer earlier this month.

"We are attempting to contact the IMAGE satellite via the Deep Space Network after an amateur astronomer reported making contact in mid-January," NASA tweeted.

The satellite, known as Imager for Magnetopause-to-Aurora Global Exploration (IMAGE), was launched on March 25, 2000, and contact was unexpectedly lost on December 18, 2005, Xinhua reported.

It was the first satellite mission dedicated to imaging the Earth's magnetosphere, the region of space controlled by the Earth's magnetic field and containing extremely tenuous plasmas of both solar and terrestrial origin.

At that time, NASA said the most likely explanation of the failure was due to an induced "instant trip" of the solid-state power controller supplying power to the transponder.