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We strongly condemn KCR’s Tughlaq decision - Tollybeats

We strongly condemn KCR’s Tughlaq decision

Updated | September 7, 2017 08:57 IST

The Congress party has staged the protest at Bison Polo Ground in the city. Popular T-Congress Leaders including V Hanumantha Rao, Janareddy, Uttam, and Shabbir have participated in this protest.

Speaking on this occasion,  Senior Congress Leader, V Hanumantha Rao criticized KCR’s decision of shifting Assembly and Secretariat to Bison Polo Ground. And he called this decision of Telangana CM KCR as Mad Thughlaq decision.

VH who said that there is a lot of traffic in the Secunderabad area is called KCR’s decision a poor one. And no need to shift assembly and secretariat.  He also questioned, ”What is the need of new constructing new secretariat?”  He alleged that TRS government is wasting people’s money in the name of constructing new secretariat and assembly.


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